Power Comes With Responsibility – choose safe, reliable low-voltage switchgears and busduct systems by Jonator

Finnish company Jonator offers a flexible, secure and top quality alternative for industrial and high performance applications.

Jonator’s customers can be found in oil, chemistry, nuclear power and heavy metal industries, among others. Our low-voltage switchgears and busduct systems are used in several demanding fields and applications, like data centres, hospitals, substations, street lighting and telematics. We also manufacture products on demand for equipment suppliers. For more information, please see our English brochure.

As our customer, you will soon learn that we put a pride in flexibility, fast, on-time delivery and in producing first-class products.

Our personnel is always happy to assist you and to answer any questions regarding our products.

Please contact us:

Email: jonator@jonator.fi


Mikko Mäkilä, Managing Director

Tel. +358 40 5765 807


“Jonator is a co-operation partner you can rely on. They always take into account the specific needs
for different projects and offer tailor-made solutions which meet our requirements. Their cell centre and
enclosure systems are of high quality, the delivery is fast and reliable and the required documents are
thorough and 
precise. Jonator’s busduct systems are also very reliable, and have been
especially developed for demanding 

Mauno Annala, Energy Manager
Metso Minerals Oy